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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Extraterrestrial symbols of spiritual protection

Picture: Extraterrestrial symbols of spiritual protection.

The advanced, positive extraterrestrials who guide and support our human evolution on Earth, pour spiritual energy through universal pictographic symbols for our benefit and active use. These symbols are, in effect, personal energy portals from the higher dimensions.

We just need to focus on, or accurately visualise, these symbols to activate the energy support. As we do this, we can ask for protection.

Here are four such universal symbols:

Symbol evoking protection against negative physical forces
Picture: ET symbol evoking protection against negative physical forces

Symbol evoking protection against negative spiritual forces
Picture: ET symbol evoking protection against negative spiritual forces

Symbol which builds long-term personal defence against negative physical and spiritual forces
Picture: ET symbol which builds long-term personal defence against negativity

A Golden Knight protection symbol
Picture: An extraterrestrial Golden Knight protection symbol

Wistancia Stone has some background information about these symbols here. A more recently released and powerful symbol which protects against evil is the Alliance Protection Symbol.

Evil is that which is anti-evolutionary or controlling; that which tends towards illness or disharmony or separateness; or that which deliberately engenders fear.

Alliance Protection Symbol
Picture: Extraterrestrial protection symbols. Alliance Protection Symbol.

Perhaps print this one out and have a look at it. Some people find this particular symbol easier to use than the other four above, because it does not have to be accurately visualised to work.

In the centre is an empty circle. The idea is that you put a small photograph of the person to be helped in this circle. It is best if the photograph is taken by the person themself. Or they could write their name in the circle, or write their name on the back of the photograph. Once that is done, protective healing is sent to the person concerned. That is the Alliance Protection Symbol

But what is the Alliance? What is the organisation which has issued this symbol and which pours positive protective energy through it? Its full name is The Alliance for Good and the New Light. It includes everyone in the galaxy who has a positive light signature; everyone who is not actively evil.

The organisation is sometimes referred to as The Interplanetary Congress of Light or, in human spiritual texts, as The Order of Melchizedek. It is composed of benevolent physical and non-physical beings who always follow the law of free will. So do not use the Alliance Protection Symbol without first getting the permission of the person you wish to help.

In addition to these pictographic symbols, there is a universally-understood spiritual language which, when spoken out loud, conveys imperative vibrations to paranormal visitors felt to be unwelcome or threatening.

For example:

Sharem efga means: "I am not ready to meet you – I don't want to meet you now."

Sharem means: "Go away," or "Disappear," or "I don't want to...."

Narah means: "Stop!"

And there are plenty of positive affirmations in the same language (called Oktran, or Zazzexska, or the vibrational language).

But it is not just benign extraterrestrials operating from the fifth, seventh or ninth dimensions who pour spiritual energy through symbols for the support and active use of humans. Advanced human beings, spiritual masters, who work actively with the ETs on a daily basis, do exactly the same.

Two examples of such spiritual masters are Maitreya and Sananda. Maitreya is referred to as Christ in the establishment mythology of Western Churchianity. Sananda is known as Jesus.

Despite church disinformation to the contrary, Christ and Jesus are actually two different individuals. But they have been working closely together for many millennia, and in many different spiritual cultures, on positive human projects to do with enlightenment, sharing, peace, justice, freedom and healing.

Maitreya is known within the Islamic cultus as The Imam Mahdi (الإمام المهدي). And Sananda is respected within that tradition as a major Islamic prophet ('Isa - عيسى).

Our spiritual seniors in the East know Maitreya as Krishna or the Maitreya Buddha. And in Judaism, Maitreya is thought of as the Messiah.

In the Nag Hammadi scrolls (discovered in 1945) and the Dead Sea Scrolls (discovered in 1947), the "Teacher of Righteousness" is Maitreya (Christ), and the "Pierced Messiah" is Sananda (Jesus).

Like the benevolent ETs with whom they work, both Christ and Jesus have manifested symbols for human use in recent years.

An example is the Hand of World Healing manifested by Christ in Barcelona (Spain) in 2001. This is pictured below.

The Hand of World Healing
Picture: The Hand of World Healing. Maitreya. Share International Magazine.

Here, Christ is said to have left a detailed impression of his hand on the mirror of a Barcelona bathroom. The lady-owner of the house went into the guest bathroom and saw the handprint on the mirror. She cleaned it off and thought no more about it. A few days later, when she went into her own bathroom, she saw the same handprint on the mirror there. This time, instead of wiping it off, she got in touch with her son who took a picture of it.
Picture: The Hand of World Healing being photographed in Barcelona in 2001.

Later, Benjamin Creme of Share International confirmed that Maitreya had produced the miracle. The image is said to have extraordinary healing properties. The healing energy does not reside in the photograph itself, but is invoked from Maitreya when a hand is placed over the image, or the image is simply looked at with sincere intent. In doing so, it is claimed, you are requesting the healing, the blessing or the assistance of Christ. More commentary can be found here.

Then, in 2012, Jesus is reported to have manifested a physical artefact in Germany. In early February 2012, a resident in the German capital, Berlin, found a Diamond Cross hanging on the door handle on the outside of the front door of his flat. It was made of coloured thread and wood.

The artefact reminded him of the images of the Christ Star UFO which has been seen on multiple occasions in recent years, all over the world. Further research established that the Diamond Cross, pictured below, was manifested by Jesus himself.

Diamond Cross artefact manifested by Jesus in Berlin (Germany), February 2012.
Picture: Diamond Cross artefact manifested by Jesus in Berlin, February 2012.

It is said that the image of the Diamond Cross can be used to request blessings and healings directly from Jesus.

Source: downpage here (April 2012). A dated compilation of pictures of the Christ Star UFO can be viewed here. And a YouTube video about the Star Sign phenomenon is here (10 mins).


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Anonymous said...

awsome knowledge, trully profound.
I wish there was more of such knowledge out there, channie has much to offer the world . my path has trully changed in profound ways, since I started absorbing her knowledge. The New Inner Light Indeed.
Peace and love to you.
truth seeker

Anonymous said...

Hey great site.I have been useing these symbols for some time,they are very effective, and trully work in a wonderfull way.

June Moore said...

I have been painting Spiritual pictures and every time I finish one I get another. I have been given the word protection to use and paint which has lead me here.. I have read The Only Planet of Choice and have seen for myself a flying saucer I know were are looking for ourselves.

Unknown said...

Hello is there a reason why the protective symbols are red and black? I'm painting these symbols on a canvas for home use and I'd like to know about the choice in color. Thanks!

Alcuin Bramerton said...

Yes, Sara. My understanding is that colour accuracy does matter. But what matters even more, perhaps, is the intention of the artist.