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Saturday, August 27, 2005

In Blogistan

In Blogistan
The one-balled Mouse
Is King.

In Blogistan
All is there,
All is not
All it seems.

In Blogistan
A burly front-row forward
With a beer-belly
And six-pack,
Can call himself
Slinky ClubGirl.

And In Blogistan
Little Miss PubeWax
Can call herself
Bushy the Lumberjack.

You don't see
The little mouses;
You don't see
Their little ballsies;
You don't hear
The pitter-pat
Of tiny clicks.

All you see
Is the busy little
Screen froth
Of unaccountable,
Screen names
Being groomed,
For equivocal perception.

Blogistan is a land
Of chimeras
And shifting focus;
Shimmering smoke
And mirrors;
A mirage of identities
Evaporating like
The morning mist
And then re-forming
At night,
As heavy and globular
As the dew.

There is mysticism
In the Blogosphere;
A tinkle of
Around the screensaver.

Consider the mystical texts
Of Old Blogistan:
"The First Thought in Three Fonts";
"The Imitation of Mice";
"The Mouse of Unknowing".

These codices
Give clues
About the whereabouts
Of esoteric hyperlinks,
But you need
To be there
To hear;
You need
To be there
To see;
You need
To be there
To know
In Blogistan.

The keypad
As interdimensional portal;
An Einstein-Rosen bridge
Of connectivity
Between adjacent realities.

The flickering screen
Toggling text to text
Thought to thought
Subtext to subtext
Signifier to signifier
Savoured slowly
And seen
Face to face
As in a glass lightly.

In other words,
Is very like
The real world,
But more honest

And reliable.


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Anonymous said...

You can't find truth without honesty.

Andrew said...

In blogistan
we hung our harps...
blah blah blah

I'm not as poetic as you.
I'm still working
on my first cup
of morning coffee
The first of many
the chemists say
it is full
of antioxidants
the life-giving elixir
that gives, um, life
or something


P.S. - Nice poem. Thanks for posting it on my site.

Dave said...

Nice site. I hope you don't mind, but I've copied 'Holt-Cromer ridge' to stick on my wall - living as I do on said ridge, and having visited Lyme Regis last year. Trite but true.

DhiRAj SinGh said...

In Blogistan
the world is
distilled to
the weight
of words.

Blogistan is
wordy and
and flying
is what
does here.