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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Undead but positive
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William had never felt better in his life.

He was dying from terminal cancer,
But he felt terrific.

The feeling started
When he stopped

When he stopped fighting
The illusion of fear,
The illusion of pain,
The illusion of death,
The illusion of physical limitation -
When he stopped fighting all that,
The feelgood factor
Came flooding in
Fresh and free
And vital.

Could it be true?

How extraordinary.

I'm not really dead, am I?

My body is dead.
I can see that.

I can see my body
Down below,
Flat as roadkill
On the hospital bed.

But I'm floating.
I'm up here.
I am not my body.

Everyone around the roadkill –
The uncomprehending crows
And death groupies –
They think I'm dead.

But I'm not.

I want to shout out.
I want to tell them
It's OK.

I want to assure them that
That meat
Is not me;
That meat
Is a mere artefact of being
Left behind
As a reminder
Of what once was,
But is now better.

This is amazing.
Look what's happening down there.
They are pulling the bedsheet
Over the head
Of the artefact.

It is a white sheet.
A nice white sheet.

People I once knew
Are crying.

I once knew that woman:
She was my wife.
I once knew that little boy:
He was my son.

Officially I am supposed
To be dead,
But experientially
I have never felt better.

In the perception
Of the perceivers,
I have gone.

But in the experience
Of the experiencer
I am still here,
Except bigger
And better.

This is very strange.

I know more than I should.
I can remember
Having done this before
Hundreds of times.

Hundreds of times before
I have flirted with flesh
And lost;
Hundreds of times before
I have flirted with flesh
And won.

Flesh is not the deal.
I am the deal.

There it is.
I can see it.
I can see my body
Down below
On the hospital bed,
Under a white sheet,
Finished with

It's all coming back.
I can remember what happens next.

I'm going to take a break
With old friends.

I'm going to have a good rest first,
And then plan a return.

I think I'll be
A woman
Next time.

I think I'll
Try out
A different kind
Of flesh,
And see if I can remember

The difference.


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Anonymous vera said...

I too am a zombie.

8:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Undead but positive" is a very inciteful poem. Well written with immense meaning. It a very vivid post.

12:08 pm  

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