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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yay blog! Yay blogosphere!

A brand new blog is started;
Angels of the blogosphere rejoice!

Where is
The brand new blogger
On Planet Earth?

No-one knows.
It doesn't matter.
It could be anywhere.

It could be Quanzhou;
It could be Khalili;
It could be Qarar;
It could be Crawford.

It could be could be,
Could be could be.

But it is is,
Just is is.

Blogs are pan-planetary
In reach,
And pan-planetary
Of government control,
Or political control,
Or security control,
Or criminal control,
Or religious control,
Or seriousness control,
Or media control,
Or economic control.

Ha! Ha! China!
Ha! Ha! Iran!
Ha! Ha! Saudi Arabia!
Ha! Ha! America!

Up with the Falun Gong!
Down with burkas!
Up with feminism!
Down with Bush wars.

There's a new blog on the block
And a new contribution
To the cyber psychology
Of online
Social networks,
In their fight
Against the machine.

Yay blog!

Yay blogosphere!

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