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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good like that

He was very short
Of money.

He only had
Twenty three pounds left
To get him through
To Friday,
And there were still
Four days to go.

So he decided
To go out
And give some of his money away.

He gave ten pounds
To a tramp
On the corner
He had not seen before,
And eight pounds
To a woman
At the Post Office
Who hadn't got enough
In her purse
To send a parcel
To her mother
In Africa,
And four pounds to
A student
With a green box
Collecting for
A rainforest biodiversity
In Sulawesi.

Then, on Thursday,
A letter arrived.

It contained a cheque
For two hundred and fifty pounds
From an old aunt
He had forgotten he had,
And who said she had more
Money than she needed
And was sure that he could
Put it to better use
Than her.

The universe

Is good like that.


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