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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Introducing an angel based in Europe

Page update: 06.07.07

Channie Centara is an angel, a physical human being living in Sweden, an advanced extraterrestrial and a Universal White Time Healer.

She has been working actively with benign extraterrestrials since the age of five. She now speaks over 36 different languages from various planets and star systems, and has privileged executive use of several spacecraft.

Channie has a physical human body here on Earth, but her main body is an extraterrestrial one in which she lives and in which she is active on another planet. Channie also has an angel body with wings.

Channie Centara is a Universal White Time Healer. Using Universal White Time, the healer can go back in time and give healing a few seconds before the sickness or problem occurred. The healer can also heal in present time, taking away pain and discomfort. And the healer can send the healing force into the future to prevent the illness or problem from occurring again. You don't have to be an angel to do this. Any human being can become a Universal White Time Healer.

Universal White Time can also be used in interplanetary travel. Advanced extraterrestrial starships, such as those used by the Arcturians and other ETs associated with the Order of Melchizedek, use White Time Tunnels which have been specially constructed between planets, star systems and galaxies. These White Time Tunnels can be thought of as portals.

These portals can also be used by individuals for soul travelling over vast distances and times. Some human beings, including many of our New Age children,
can recall dreams in which they were doing exactly this. There are components within dreams which are more veridical and more real than anything we experience in normal waking consciousness down here on the physical plane. Exploring these realities is a core task of the New Spirituality.


Information about Channie Centara
From Wistancia Stone's Light Pages

Soundfile of Channie Centara speaking an extraterrestrial language to a human audience at the Wesak 2003 conference

"My Angel Diary" by Channie Centara
This is an introduction to Channie's book, with several extended text extracts.

Facts about Universal White Time Healing
From Wistancia Stone's Light Pages


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Anonymous said...

Yes Angel Indeed, with a huge loveing heart.