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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fire the grid

The Higher Evolution is busy. The benign, advanced extraterrestrials who assist positive spiritual evolution on Earth are making themselves known. July 2007 is an important month for the planet.

Live Earth - Saturday July 7th 2007
Concerts for a climate in crisis

Live Earth parties - Saturday July 7th 2007
How to host a Live Earth party at home. All you need is a computer and a television.

Fire the grid - Tuesday July 17th 2007
Shelley Yates offers some ideas about the plan for a coordinated world meditation

A cosmic moment
Patricia Cota-Robles explains the cosmic importance of the 17th July 2007

You can heal our planet
A video presentation on YouTube

Moving humanity onwards
Background information on the spiritual evolution of Planet Earth from a senior Sirian spiritual teacher called Diane. This is from Mike Quinsey's website.

The dark energy of American politics
Background information on human prospects from a senior Venusian spiritual teacher called Ker-On. This is from Mike Quinsey's website.


Jesus Meditating
A picture by Bruce Harman

Paulina a Spiritual Guide
A picture by Adrian Dvir

Unseen portal
A picture by Mark Heulsman

Cosmic Fire
A picture by James Neff


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Ummm, thou said, thou art a responsible person?
Well, as they say, along the coast,
Either you swim or sink...thou know...well that you realy sank this time

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