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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is prayer a waste of time?
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Picture: Is prayer a waste of time?

: What do you think about praying, Flutterby? Is prayer a waste of time?
Flutterby: No, it's not. For a lot of people on your planet, perhaps for most, prayer can be a very useful spiritual exercise.
Alcuin: What is prayer?
Flutterby: Prayer is breathing.
Alcuin: Breathing?
Flutterby: Yes. Prayer is breathing.
Alcuin: What sort of breathing?
Flutterby: Slower than usual, deeper than usual, conscious breathing.
Alcuin: What? Really stretch the ribcage? Hold the breath for as long as possible?
Flutterby: No. Not that. No useful spiritual exercise involves pain, strain, endurance or unpleasantness. Just breathe a little slower than usual and a little deeper than usual. And maybe pause the breathing process for four or five seconds between each inhalation and exhalation. And while you do that, gently pay attention to the breathing process and enjoy it.
Alcuin: Enjoy it? Enjoy prayer?
Flutterby: Yes.
Picture: Praying together. English girl and African boy.

Alcuin: Prayer is boring.
Flutterby: If prayer is boring, it is not prayer at all.
Alcuin: Isn't it?
Flutterby: No. Breathing is not boring. Conscious breathing is deeply refreshing.
Alcuin: Eyes shut or eyes open?
Flutterby: You decide. Do what feels best for you. Maybe close your eyes and, while you're breathing, focus your attention on the ajna centre between the eyebrows.
Picture: Third eye mandala. Ajna centre. The sixth primary chakram.

Alcuin: The third eye?
Flutterby: Yes. The interdimensional eye.
Alcuin: Right. What about posture?
Flutterby: How do you mean?
Alcuin: Kneeling? Standing up? Sitting down? What is the best posture for breathing?
Flutterby: You decide. Try out a few different postures. See what works for you. See which position helps you to breathe with the greatest comfort and freedom. Sitting up straight with an absolutely vertical spine, or lying down with an absolutely horizontal spine helps a lot of people.
Alcuin: Why?
Flutterby: Because for a lot of people the human spiritual anatomy seems to function best that way.
Alcuin: The chakras and things?
Flutterby: Yes. The interdimensional portals and energy centres in the human spiritual anatomy seem to work well in those orientations.
Alcuin: Is anything which makes you breathe especially slowly or especially deeply a form of prayer?
Flutterby: You could say that. One of the reasons why lots of sex is good for you is that it makes you breathe more and it makes you breathe deeply and it makes you breathe better. And the same thing goes for exercise and laughing and singing.
Alcuin: What should we think about when we are prayer-breathing?
Flutterby: Think about as little as possible, I would say. Just enter the process peacefully and become the breathing itself.
Alcuin: Isn't that a bit passive?

Flutterby: You could say that, yes. But prayer is not what we do to God. Prayer is what God does to us.
Picture: Ask and you will receive. St Germain. I AM the Ascension in the Light.

You always get that which you ask for if you ask for it with your Soul instead of your senses.

If you ask in words alone, you will not receive what you ask for because you have not asked God for it - you have asked your senses for it.

When, however, you have actually written your desire into your heartbeat, as some have automatically done all their lives, from moment to moment, you unfailingly acquire the knowledge you ask for.

It comes to you in a timeless flash, in the rhythmic language of Light which God uses to talk to His children.

Violinio Germain

Source: here (07.12 .93). Bible link here. And more about St Germain can be found here and here.


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Anonymous said...

Prayer is communion between a Christian and God. For Christ is the bridge who was able to get past the sin valley. He reunited us, God and man. The Bible is the New Age. Blog me what your faith is in and where it's based on.
John 14:6, "Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father but through Me." Take care on your spiritual journey.

Riz said...

Why was I not surprised to see the picture of Audie Murphy next to the "him over sin" dude? The world of Audie was so simple and so is such strict adherence to a single line of text being interpeted so absolutely literally.

How could someone who basically just said that prayer is restricted to Christains also say "Take care on your spiritual journey?" It doesn't sound too spiritual to me.

Unknown said...

Prayer can never be a waste of time. It is the act of falling in the lap of the almighty. It is a divine thing.

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