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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Jesus said: "I am Evolution"

I want to suggest two things. First, that Jesus said: "I am Evolution," and, second, that Jesus understood that God's will is Evolution.

In the New International Version of the Protestant bible, the spiritual master known in the west as Jesus of Nazareth is recorded as having said: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.” (Jn 14:6)

I suggest that something of what Jesus may have meant by these words is as follows:

“I am process not stasis. The truth of my being is alive and dynamic. I am living movement. As the way changes as I move along, so does the truth and livingness of my being change. In the life of the Father there are no fixed positions.”

“This living change at the heart of my being describes the truth of who I am. Without living a truthful life of constant change, no-one can come to the Father.”

“I am Evolution. Without enshrining evolution at the heart of his being, no-one can approach the Father. Without evolving, no-one can experience a veridical contact with God.”

“The journey is my home. I am the journey. Be at home travelling. No-one comes to the Father except through travelling as I travel. Eschew the illusion of fixed positions and free yourself to travel. Truth is travel. God’s will is Evolution."


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Anonymous said...

jesus said, i am...not i will be or i could be or i might be or perhaps i will eventually be...he said, i am, denoting an unchanging fixed position from which he himself will not move,what a wonderful comforting place in this world of change and uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read this at first when I saw the title - assuming it had something to say about Intelligent Design.

Gandhi said : 'Be the change', which we become after the encounter with JC, and meld with the Spirit.