Thursday, January 20, 2005


A young woman
Sits by a swimming pool
Painting her toenails.

It is midnight.

She wonders
Whether it is possible
To foretell the future
Using an avocado pear.

Her husband brings her
An avocado pear.

This is strange.

The young woman
Has no husband.


Aquarian elf girl

Unusual cloud-form over Launceston

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KelliAmanda said...

Thanks for posting this in my comments. Very interesting!

Immortal Beloved said...

OK, now this one really gets me thinking. I've thought of two possible answers.

1. The woman is married in the beginning, and when her husband brings the avacado to her, she sees in the future that she has no husband. Therefore, she must have gotten a divorce between now and the future.

2. The woman is single and sees through an avacado a husband bringing an avacado to her. Therefore, she must have gotten married between now and the future.