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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The quest is on

It's a bit of a laugh,
But the quest is on.

The quest is on
For an organised understanding
Of the nature
Of pure consciousness.

The quest involves
A which-hunt.

Which means shall we use?
Which data shall we accept as veridical?
Which metanarrative shall we pursue?

The quest is for something specific;
The quest is for something valuable;
The quest is for something liberating.

The quest is for
A means
Of accurately distinguishing
The workable from the unworkable;
The benevolent from the malign;
Truth from falsehood.

Only intuitive data are sought.

But the intuitive data
Must be able to load
Into the spiritualised mind
In non-linear terms.

Pattern-recognition must be employed.

The quest is for pieces
Of jigsaw puzzle
That fit snugly into
What we already feel
To be true
When we are fast asleep
And fully conscious.

There may be only one
Missing piece of jigsaw puzzle -
A sort of Higgs boson
Piece of puzzle -
Or there may be many
Missing pieces of jigsaw puzzle –
A sort of flutter
Of butterfly pieces
Dipping and dancing
Across the shifting surface
Of equivocal perception.

But we know this:
The puzzle pieces
Are there,
And the puzzle pieces
Are accessible,
And the puzzle pieces
Are waiting
To ambush us with surprise
And to assist our destiny
Which is
To discover them soon
While laughing lightly.


Ontological real deal

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Consciousness separates us from death, impels the quest and activates the homing mechanism, which finally leads to God.