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Friday, September 25, 2015

What caused the death of religion?
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In the educated West, religion died some years ago. This was a positive development in human spiritual culture.

It meant that at the beginning of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, new forms of religionless spirituality could be explored and experienced. And through spiritual practice and study, new, clean connections could be made with the Higher Evolution.

Picture: "One last time" by Steven Hägg-Ståhlberg

During the Piscean Age, the old Mediterranean religions such as Churchianity, Islam and Judaism referred to the Higher Evolution in mythic baby language. Churchianity, for example, articulated a tribal vocabulary including words such as God, Holy Spirit, saints, saviour, salvation and damnation.

The Age of Pisces ran from 525 BCE to 1625 CE. There was then a transitional phase of about 350 years as the incoming energies to the planet changed. The Age of Aquarius began around 1975 CE and will continue until 4125 CE, when the energies will change again, as the planet Earth moves through space and is influenced by new radiations. The next Age will be the Age of Capricorn. Each Age lasts for about 2150 years.

The incoming energies are different in each Age and they have profound effects on human spiritual, mental and physical behaviours. These changes are gradual in nature. The Earth's exposure to one type of energy declines slowly, there is a transitional pause, and then the new energies start to come in, slowly building in intensity over hundreds of years.

But what exactly caused the death of religion as the Piscean energies bathing the planet changed to Aquarian energies?

Picture: Benetton Pope & Imam - Vampire's Kiss - Abusus non tollit usum.

What happened was that three of the core concepts of establishment religiosity became untenable to the educated, spiritual mind and were discarded. These concepts were scripture, worship and belief. Once the foundation of the religious mind, these three concepts came to be seen as nonsensical and spiritually injurious.

The concept of scripture, the concept that a single human cultural artefact generated by others in a long-gone civilisation, can somehow mediate all the decisive, privileged and authoritative spiritual data germane to modern concerns, began to look quaint. It was recognised that better and more pertinent books had been written in the succeeding centuries, and better and more pertinent ideas had entered informed discourse.

An obsession with the Bible (for example) was taken as evidence of spiritual insecurity; as evidence of an attempt to give away one's power to an out-of-date male artefact; as evidence of a fear to think fearlessly and creatively for oneself.

An obsession with the Bible came to be seen as a coded attempt to reject one's own innate divinity; a refusal to accept that one is made in the image of God; a refusal to recognise that one is a partaker of the divine nature, and can therefore write, think, feel and speak one's own scripture.

Picture: Look no dirty hands; Roman Catholic Black & White Popes.

The concept of worship also came to be viewed as deeply flawed. Worship was a spiritually debilitating, negative and wasteful behaviour. A question was put. If you were God, would you want your human colleagues to waste their energies grovelling? The answer was clear. Of course you wouldn't. Only an incompetent, insecure and evil God would want that.

If you were God, you would want your human colleagues to get off their fat worshipping bums, stand confidently in their own strength and do something useful.

You would want them to share the abundance of the planet with Africa rather than spending it on cluster bombs and banksters' bonuses. You would want them to look after home and stop poisoning the planet with the rich man's pollutants. You would want them to give women and children a chance to be free.

If you were God, you would want your human colleagues to invent a system of democracy where votes were not stolen and where the elected politicians did what was right rather than what was expedient for their controllers in the covert security community.

Picture: Gospel according to St Paul's Cathedral, City of London Corporation.

Worship came to be seen as the displacement activity of the spiritually idle; it displaced service. Wasting energy on worship was the devil's agenda.

The concept of belief, likewise, began to look silly and self-damaging to the human spirit. Belief was a sort of élite-controlled filter, self-stuck on the brain and functioning quietly in the background to keep truth out. Belief kept out anything other than itself or things very like itself. Belief obstructed the accurate reception of new revelations.

On this view, a belief is a stuck thought-form invented by others and secured by a holdfast to the intellection of the believer. There it acts like an aerial attracting energies similar to its own, but only energies similar to its own. All others are rejected.

So if it is a negative or erroneous belief, like most religious beliefs are - for example those which have to do with sin, punishment, salvation, martyrdom, suffering, jealousy, hell, death, sexual oppression, sectarianism, estrangement from God or worship - it will attract in negative energies and negative entities which vibrate with a similar frequency. And the aura of the believer becomes colonised by negativity. The result, over time, is spiritual fear, physical illness and paranoid self-righteousness.

The belief is not freely constructed by the believer, nor is it freely modified by him. The believer is used by the belief. The believer has become an unfree religious whore.

Such views took root and grew, setting people free. Scripture was an insecure illusion, worship was silly, and belief was unwise.

Religion came to be seen as a terrorist behaviour. Religion worked by terrorising the individual first, by inculcating manufactured concepts of sin and fear. These concepts of sin and fear were then used in battle to terrorise other faith communities whose concepts of sin and fear were different.

Religion had to go.


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