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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Extraordinary Rendition of President George Bush Jnr

The Washington DC criminal overclass is called to account on multiple charges of Treason

Page update: 11.07.08

The legal resurrection of the Republic of the United States of America and its Constitution began visibly on Monday 9th June 2008 on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Democrat - Ohio) introduced a resolution detailing thirty five Articles of Impeachment against the 43rd President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush. Kucinich was supported by a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, Congressman Robert Wexler (Democrat - Florida).

In a formal and carefully structured resolution, President George Bush Jnr was openly accused of: Creating a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false case for war against Iraq (Article 1); Falsely, systematically, and with criminal intent conflating the attacks of September 11, 2001, with misrepresentation of Iraq as a security threat, as part of a fraudulent justification for a war of aggression (Article 2); Misleading the American people and members of Congress to believe that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, to manufacture a false case for war (Article 3); Misleading the American people and members of Congress to believe that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States (Article 4); Illegally misspending funds to secretly begin a war of aggression (Article 5); Invading Iraq in violation of the requirements of HJRes114 (Article 6); Invading Iraq without a Congressional Declaration of War (Article 7); Invading Iraq, a sovereign nation, in violation of the UN Charter (Article 8); Failing to provide troops with body armor and vehicle armor (Article 9); Falsifying accounts of US troop deaths and injuries for political purposes (Article 10); Establishing permanent US military bases in Iraq (Article 11); Initiating a war against Iraq for control of that nation's natural resources (Article 12); Creating a secret task force to develop energy and military policies with respect to Iraq and other countries (Article 13); Misprision of a Felony, misusing and exposing classified information and obstructing justice in the matter of Valerie Plame Wilson, clandestine agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (Article 14); Providing immunity from prosecution for criminal contractors in Iraq (Article 15); Reckless misspending and waste of US tax dollars in connection with Iraq and US contractors (Article 16); Illegal detention - detaining indefinitely and without charge both US citizens and foreign captives (Article 17); Torture - secretly authorizing, and encouraging the use of torture against captives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places, as a matter of official policy (Article 18); Rendition - kidnapping people and taking them against their will to 'black sites' located in other nations, including nations known to practice torture (Article 19); Imprisoning children (Article 20); Misleading Congress and the American people about threats from Iran, and supporting terrorist organizations within Iran, with the goal of overthrowing the Iranian government (Article 21); Creating secret laws (Article 22); Violation of the Posse Comitatus Act (Article 23); Spying on American citizens, without a court-ordered warrant, in violation of the law and the Fourth Amendment (Article 24); Directing telecommunications companies to create an illegal and unconstitutional database of the private telephone numbers and emails of American citizens (Article 25); Announcing the intent to violate laws with signing statements (Article 26); Failing to comply with Congressional subpoenas and instructing former employees not to comply (Article 27); Tampering with free and fair elections, corruption of the administration of justice (Article 28); Conspiracy to violate the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Article 29); Misleading Congress and the American people in an attempt to destroy Medicare (Article 30); Katrina - failing to plan for the predicted disaster of Hurricane Katrina, failing to respond to a civil emergency (Article 31); Misleading Congress and the American people, systematically undermining efforts to address global climate change (Article 32); Repeatedly ignoring and failing to respond to high level intelligence warnings of planned terrorist attacks in the US, prior to 911 (Article 33); Obstructing the investigation into the attacks of September 11, 2001 (Article 34); Endangering the health of 911 first responders (Article 35).

The full Kucinich impeachment text can be found here
, or in pdf format here, here and here. This document cites extensive collateral sources for each of the thirty five Articles of Impeachment. Two YouTube videos of Dennis Kucinich delivering his impeachment resolution on the floor of the House of Representatives can be seen here (from Brasscheck TV - 10.06.08). And there is Keith Olbermann's Countdown report on the Kucinich Articles of Impeachment here (from MSNBC 10.06.08 - YouTube video (8 mins).

In the second week of June 2008, the Bush White House strenuously suppressed any informed reporting of the House of Representatives impeachment session in the American mainstream media. Recently, agents of the US Executive Branch covertly paid CNN $2.0 billion not to report certain news. Quite how these monies will be represented in CNN's accounts, or in the individual private accounts of CNN's board and executive members, is not yet clear. Similar large coercive payments are being made, on an ongoing basis, by agents of the US Executive Branch, to other major media outlets and to the people who control their editorial policies. Source of funds documentation is being sought in relation to these payments.

On Monday 9th June 2008, just hours after Dennis Kucinich had delivered his thirty five Articles of Impeachment to Congress, his website was taken down by pro-Bush intelligence operatives attempting to restrict distribution of the text.

On Wednesday 11th June 2008, Dennis Kucinich told Al Jazeera (
here) that the impeachment attempt was not just about the past, but also about the future. "If we do not establish that the rule of law must apply to the President of the US now, what we are doing is through our inaction creating a precedent that would let the next President know that he could go ahead and wage war without Congressional approval. That he could approve of wiretapping, rendition, spying, torture or anything because Congress wouldn't act. We need to take a stand now not just for justice, for what's happened over the last six, seven years but also to restrain any abuse of power in the next administration."

On Friday 13th June 2008, Dennis Kucinich did a wide-ranging 25-minute interview on the Alex Jones programme (Austin, Texas). There is a three-part YouTube video of this interview
here (Part 1), here (Part 2) and here (Part 3).

We have addressed some other aspects of the legal decadence of the US Executive Branch and the political disintegration of the Bush White House elsewhere in this blog
here, here and here.


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Talking to the Democracy Now website, Bugliosi sets out the legal architecture against George Bush Jnr, the overwhelming evidence of his guilt, and the jurisdiction under which he can be successfully prosecuted for murder in the American courts (13.06.08).


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Misprision of Felony strategy for impeachment using the prosecutorial provisions of the USA Patriot Act, using the powerful discovery articles associated and the unlimited prosecutorial tools included with the USA Patriot Act, (and FISA continuation of that body of law), can discover that the CIA tapes of high level terrorist suspect detainees were destroyed in an effort to conceal.

The CIA destroyed the tapes to conceal them from government offices, but most importantly you. The law doesn't protect you from concealment, only your government. Brilliance and great care coupled with great knowledge of the USA Patriot Act body of law will make some prosecutor extremely famous, I wish Bugliosi would get a clue.

Sentiment will not bring about the successful impeachment of bush; only the accusation of felony crime, crime so horrible so as to shock and awe America will suffice to bring about the impeachment of the President of The United States of America in a time of war.

Impeachment is the great American Shakespearean drama. This drama will be played out on T.V., if it's good enough material. The media will kill it or it will live, they decide. Blogs alone won't do it. The great coliseum is the T.V., not the halls of Congress. The masters are Rupert Murdochs, not the men we elect, bitter truths that empower and free all of us.

So let’s play ball. I got felony violations of the USA Patriot Act in my corner, what've you got Kucinich?

An impeachment that commands the attention of Americans and grabs the short hairs of Congress, (including Kucinich), is the only impeachment that will not be ignored. Americans understand fear and terror. Any person who is indicted under the felony provisions of the USA Patriot Act will be terrified. People get stupid when they are afraid, when they are terrified. Would you like to see bush and cheney terrified, trembling, scrambling, sweating, branded as un-American?

Kucinich is being ignored. I said Kucinich is being ignored.

Americans would be absolutely fascinated and marvelously entertained by an impeachment trial trial of bush and cheney using articles of impeachment based solely upon felony violations of the USA Patriot Act, destruction of evidence, (CIA tapes), false information on terrorism, (Saddam linked to Bin Laden and the entire tapestry of deception), hundreds of felony violations of the USA Patriot Act, in plain sight. And this would go to trial, nobody is going to ignore a laundry list of USA Patriot Act felony violations.

Imagine the posse of FOX television consultant contractors hired to pontificate on USA Patriot Act theory, imagine the ratings. Imagine the discovery powers a prosecutor would have under the USA Patriot Act. Imagine what a good American could do with the felony prosecutorial powers of the USA Patriot Act at their fingertips, imagine. bush imagined, and look what it got him.

Can you imagine? Can you act as a good patriot must by using the USA Patriot Act to prosecute bush and impeach the President of the United States of America?

The USA Patriot Act is your law and it is the only law that will terminate this un-American administration. bush and his gang are literally pressing the Adz into your trembling hands, daring you, teasing you, playing you.

Tens of millions of dollars have been spent by the 'media' at large in conjunction with government propaganda offices to sell the war and the USA Patriot Act to Americans. This law shines, radiates an energy that when cast upon the accused paints them instantly and forever as horribly and terribly un-American. This is a directed political weapon and it must be focused on those who have committed felony violations of the USA Patriot Act.

The USA Patriot Act is a new political weapon and the people must coop the strategy of Misprision of a Felony within the scope of the felony provisions of the USA Patriot Act. The USA Patriot Act is the most powerful political weapon ever created in the history of mankind. It is brilliant, horribly un-American and treasonous, insanely brilliant.

Good Americans can use the USA Patriot Act to protect themselves from the invasion of Iran that bush desires. bush wants to slaughter millions of human beings in Iran and steal the oil again. Do you want to stop bush?

So tell me, what did you bring to the game Kucinich, you gonna knock it out of the park, all the fans mouths agape, wonder in their glistening eyes? Kucinich is going to put America ... to sleep.


You wanna watch a T.V. show about how bush was branded as un-American, a terrorist, and tried on felony violations of the USA Patriot Act, and then kicked out of office into the street an outcast from society, (sniff)? I want to make that movie and I want all of you to star in it.

John Edwards could have won the Presidency of the United States of America by calling for and leading prosecutorial efforts based upon felony violations of the USA Patriot Act, he would have been famous and loved. But John Edwards was to busy working on the 911 commission chasing those darn CIA tapes, I guess. John don't know nuthin 'bout the Patriot Act, does he? We shouldn't expect John Edwards to connect any dots, he's just a civil law attorney. John's just another hack, playing the game, filling his pockets with huge amounts of cash.

The articles of impeachment by Kucinich against President bush are old, tired news. For anyone who is truly interested in impeachment, we know all of this. Where's the charisma, the WhizBang blow-your-mind, front page exclusive? Where does it shine? It's a weak attempt that is being ignored, and that damages successive attempts. And here Kucinich is going to spout another 30 articles of impeachment, that will be ignored, and further damage any real powerful effort to impeach.

I mean, if your articles of impeachment fail to ROCK the house and senate, yer a freakin' LUSER! If you throw the dice on impeachment and lose, you've slapped all Americans in the face. If you are going to play this game, you better bring the right equipment, or everybody gets hurt. And planning to emit 30 more articles of impeachment when the first set are being ignored is like saying, I'm gonna rub dirt on your dirt you dirty ... dirtbags.

Felony violation of the USA Patriot Act, that's the beef baby.

Is Kucinich really taking a risk here? Is Kucinich a great Patriot risking his life against an evil empire?

What if bush and cheney were truly terrified of the accusations against them, and felt in their guts that they had been made, would be indicted soon, would be found guilty and would go to jail.

Do you think Kucinich would be safe?

It's going to take supernova brilliance, shock and awe to impeach bush, nothing less. bush can only be impeached with terror, wrap your brain around that my friend.

It would have been a huge news story if Kucinich charged bush and cheney with felony violation of the USA Patriot Act; I mean that would be HUGE. bush and cheney would be absolutely terrified, stammering their responses through the limbags. Blogs would fume, tongues would lather, ivory towers would crash down and the dust would cover all of the media with a conspiratorial cloak stinking of un-Americanism.

Do you have confidence in Kucinich and these articles of impeachment?

When the roaches scurry, they leave tracks, and of course that's all part of the hard-hitting prosecutorial strategy of using the USA Patriot Act to defend this nation from terrorism and those that aid and abet terrorism by disseminating false information on terrorism and by destroying evidence developed through investigations of terrorists. Both of these crimes are extremely serious, egregious felony violations of the USA Patriot Act.

New is good, new is better. We demand criminal accusations so astounding, so incredible as to be unbelievable and any person who stood against those indictments and impeachments would simply be, un-American. Make no mistake, you are either for impeachment, or you in felony violation of the USA Patriot Act. That is the only attitude that will win the impeachment of george bush and save millions of children, women and men in Iran from a horrible and gruesome, terrifying death from the invasion of their lands by United States private armies and your sons and daughters America. bush must be painted as un-American in order for impeachment to succeed, it's the only way.

If Kucinich would have fortified his articles of impeachment against president bush by opening the door for the use of discovery tools included in the USA Patriot Act by the Judiciary committee, by calling for felony indictment using the incredibly powerful felony prosecutorial provisions in the USA Patriot Act Kucinich would have effectively tarred and feathered bush forever. bush's lawyers could then only attack the USA Patriot Act itself in order to destroy the USA Patriot Act. Two birds with one stone.

Kucinich ! How many birdies ya' got? Thirty-five birdies, all in their gilded cage?

America adores irony, the wild story, gotta love da' juice baby. The vast majority has no interest in the Constitution or the law, unless it’s some hot babe on a police show pointing a gun at a dude and shooting him. Ratings talk.

Kucinich has no ratings.

If you are going to bring down a warring tyrant then you will have to throw him to some very real lions. The lions in the USA Patriot Act make Kucinich's application of old, tired laws, (that are being ignored also), a real disappointment. Kucinich needs some help with his presentation. He puts everybody to sleep.


Do you really want to drool yourself to sleep over 4 hours of droning old law stuff that has failed so often already, or do you want to see bush accused of un-American and illegal activities, felony violations of the USA Patriot Act ... or does everybody want to pretend the USA Patriot Act like, doesn't exist? New, new and improved impeachment brought to you by the felony prosecutorial provisions of the USA Patriot Act. How long would it take them to talk if their cellmate was in a secret prison in Egypt?

Whatever ... right?

Prosecuting by making use of the felony provisions within the USA Patriot Act will bring bush down like a chain saw clears brush. The lawyers will be forced to attack the USA Patriot Act law and its extensions, they will have to attack the theory of the USA Patriot Act and dismember and destroy the USA Patriot Act and associated legislation in order to save their hides.

And they would be branded as un-American for all time. Then they would hold up their executive orders signed by bush to shield him from the very laws he made to keep you in check, and then you would start to connect the dots. Then you would connect the dots.

It really is in plain sight.

Focus on real felonies, not emotional or bandwagon appeals and you will get your man. Felony violation of the USA Patriot Act is a huge, powerful accusation. Is this club so heavy in the hands that the ground itself gives way to the weight of our fears, pinning us?

The glittering generalities of crime, banging on pots and pans will not indict or impeach. Congress is complicit in all of this, and some of them must also be charged with felony violation of the USA Patriot Act.

Terrify them with the USA Patriot Act, please; they have terrified you with it all. Fight back with felony prosecution using the felony provisions of the USA Patriot Act and its extended legislation. Fight for your freedom and the lives and freedoms of hundreds of thousands of Iranian civilians who bush will murder with guns and bombs your labors and taxes pay for.