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Friday, March 11, 2005

Inner space

Tummy rumbles,
Skin rashes,
Traffic noise.

Telephone tones,
TV froth,
Text panic.

To work rush,
From work rush,
Grabba pizza,
Spraya bodyspray,
Stretcha thong.

Rush out,
Rush back,
Rush to sleep,
Rush awake.

The robot life,
Of a robot hologram,
Of a physical plane illusion,
Of a human being.

Need to stop,
Need to stop doing.
Need to breathe,
Need to stop not breathing.
Need to be, not do.

Be still
Be still and know
Be still and know that I AM
Be still and know that I AM God.

Attend to the centre.
Silence the periphery.

Inner space is bigger than outer space,

And more supportive.


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