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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Strong decision

She catches her reflection
In a shop window.
It is true.
She has a beer belly.

She looks again.
It protrudes tightly,
Like beer bellies protrude tightly.
And it wobbles,
Like beer bellies wobble.

There is no doubt about it.
That women in the reflection
Has got a definite beer belly.
Fat cow.

She considers going
To a shady Harley Street
Cosmetic surgeon,
With no qualifications,
But plenty of scalpels,
And a voracious bank balance,
And having her abdomen removed,
And replaced with a sleek,
Plastic alternative.

Or she could go to the gym
And bounce about like a porpoise
In a leotard
And be smiled at knowingly
By younger women
With bodies like snakes.

Or she could go home
And have three thick slices
Of baked beans on buttered toast,
Followed by
A tub of health-promoting
Mango ice cream
With custard
And chocolate sauce.

She takes the strong decision
And goes home

To wobble in private.


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