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Friday, April 08, 2005

Never alone

We are never alone.
The Watchers
Are always watching,
The Listeners
Are always listening,
The Energisers
Are always energising,
The Protectors
Are always protecting,
The Helpers
Are always helping,
The Teachers
Are always teaching,
The Portals
Are always ready to open,
And the Angels
Are always doing their special,

We are never alone.
The invisible hosts
Of the inter-dimensional
Order of Melchizedek
Don't all take coffee breaks
At the same time.

They sit at their screens
Watching the data
Of human evolution
Approach ascension.

It is nice to have
All those chaps
And chapesses
There for us,
Rooting for us,
On the spiritual planes.

We are never alone,
Especially not
When we sit at the computer,

It's comfortingly creepy,
If you think about it too much.

The Higher Strangeness
Is a fellowship of friends
We nearly forgot,
Until our dreams reminded us.

We are never alone.
How can anyone be alone
If there is nothing outside God?

And God Itself,
Of course,
Is famously Unalone.

All There Is is Unaloneness.

Stands the church clock at ten-to-three?
And is there honey, still, for tea?

Good old Rupert.

The man behind him in the fish shop

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