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Saturday, April 02, 2005


She is becoming seriously ill.
She is suffering
From an overdose of religion
And an underdose of spirituality.

The symptoms are manifest,
But a cure is available.

The symptoms are palpitations,
Sweating and nausea,
Rashes on the soul,
Marrow-deep boredom,
Exclusive truth-claims,
Out-of-date scriptures,
Phoney salvation theories,
And dreadful tea
In plastic cups
Whose plastic tastes stronger
Than the tea within.

The cure is available,
But difficult.

She must close her mouth to priests.
She must drink less plastic.
She must get out more.
She must stay in less.
She must face the fresh air.
She must begin to breathe.

Church is a man-machine
Which suffocates.

For the sake of her health
She must leave church behind
And face the fresh air
Of freedom
Without fear.

She goes into the garden
And turns a cartwheel.

The playful process
Of becoming well


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1 comment:

Dakota House said...

Understand at the core of me the 'overdose of religion and underdose of spirituality.' Religion kills. Jesus saves.