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Friday, April 01, 2005

Smelling the cat

A man in a respectable tweed jacket
Is on his way home from work.
He decides
That he would like a bite to eat.

He stops off at a cat-and-chips shop
And orders a large
Deep-fried cat-en-croûte
With bread-and-butter
And chips.

The woman behind the counter
Sprinkles his cat-en-croûte
With salt and vinegar
And wraps it up for him,
With the bread-and-butter
And the chips,
In an old copy
Of the Church Times.

He consumes his meal
While walking along the street
And throws the paper into a bin.

On arriving home,
He puts on his carpet slippers,
Sits down
In his favourite armchair
By the fire
And gets out the crossword.

Smelling the cat on his fingers,
His pet goldfish
Jumps up onto his lap,
Snuggles down

And starts purring quietly.

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