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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Perhaps love

Perhaps love
Is the energy
Of constructive becoming
Which stimulates the universe
To express itself coherently.

Perhaps love
Is the chap behind you
In the fish shop.

Perhaps love
Is what you feel
When you tie two ends
Of a piece of string together
But don't have to.

Perhaps love
Is all there is
But we haven't

Realised it yet.


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The man behind him in the fish shop

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Anonymous said...

'Love is the overflowing result of one person in true fellowship with another.'

(On a good day, that is.)

Anonymous said...

Check this: Love = experience. I used to wish I could elaborate and convince anyone, but I know now that's not actually necessary. The word love means different stuff to each person, so nailing down a true meaning is a tall order. I love my parents the most because I have the most experience with them. I love my siblings because they share the second most amount of experience with me, but sometimes I don't think I do because they are the people I necessarily disagree with most often. I love my spouse because I have known them for a long time, AND we actually share experiences from before knowing each other, ie same town, same school, same age, same interests etc. I'm sure I love total strangers because we're all sharing human experience. I love non humans because we share the experience of existence. I love because I experience, and probably vice versa.