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Barack Obama's official biography in the original Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book
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Picture: Barack Obama. Born in Kenya. Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book (text).

The central image above is said to be a photocopy of US President Barack Obama's official entry in the original Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book. The full text reads as follows:

"Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago's South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White."

Just visible as an under-image, or watermark, beneath the first three lines, and orientated at right angles, the word "BREITBART" is legible, next to a reversed-out capital letter B
(enlarged detail here). This appears to be a Breitbart logo such as the one pictured here.

Andrew Breitbart was the American researcher, commentator and broadcaster who died suddenly in March 2012, aged 43. He was fit and in good health. In the alternative news community, his death was thought to be highly suspicious. See, for example,
here, here or here.

Breitbart had assembled a lot of advanced new material about Barack Obama's constructed back-histories, not just about his place of birth and parentage, but also some recently discovered Obama college videos which Breitbart was about to release to the web.

The thought was that a wet team working for the Washington DC private corporation must have got to Breitbart and heart-attack-gunned him, in the manner in which they had previously dealt with people such as Kenneth Lay (Enron), Robert Maheu (CMKM Diamonds), David Kelly (British bioweapons inspector in Iraq) and Robin Cook (British Foreign Secretary and opponent of the Iraq War).

If the Obama text in the original Harvard Law Review 1991 Year Book, cited above, is authentic, it will be very difficult for the DC corporation to contain. It records a place of birth outside the USA which disqualifies Obama to be US President, and it has parentage and c.v. details which do not fit his manufactured media and electoral scripts.

Also, there must be scores, or hundreds, of these original Year Books still held in private hands. Anyone in and around Harvard University, its administration or printers in the early nineteen nineties may still have a copy, and hundreds of other copies will be lying in the archives and libraries of universities and law institutions across the world which routinely receive copies of this publication.

If the text is authentic, lawyers acting for the Obama syndicate cannot easily argue that the document is a fake, and run the risk of other identical copies surfacing in non-aligned or BRICS channels beyond their jurisdiction and control.

One thing is becoming clear: well before the US Presidential Election in November 2008, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee, senior members of Congress, the Supreme Court of the United States and the Pentagon must all have known that either Barack Obama was plainly ineligible, on grounds of birthplace, to run for President, or that important elements within his official curriculum vitae were self-evidently flaky.

Questions must be put. Did these people - the governing élite of America - choose to look the other way? Were they paid to look the other way? Or were they made to look the other way? If either of the latter two questions is answered in the affirmative, the American electorate is entitled to enquire: Who is actually running the United States of America? Who appointed these invisible overlords to executive office? And who are they working for?

Follow-up commentary: (1) There seems to have been an attempt in the American corporate mainstream media to back-edit the contemporary coverage of Barack Obama's election to the Presidency of the Harvard Law School in 1990. An example from the New York Times can be found here (two pages). This "correction" is now dated the 7th February 1990 (see bottom of page) and was made "because of an editing error" the day before.

(2) The New York Times piece was referenced in an anonymous comment downpage
here on Thursday 30th August 2012. This post read as follows: "Andrew Breitbart wasn't a birther. The booklet is very real. However, Miriam Goderich, the woman who edited the bio, admitted that the 'born in Kenya' line is the result of a fact checking error on her part and that neither Obama, nor anyone associated with him, made any mention of being born in Kenya. An earlier article in the NY Times about Obama's election to the head of the Law Review states that Obama was born in Hawaii:
Was journalist Fox Butterfield 'in on' the birther coverup 20 years ago? I have my doubts, but I guess it's up to each individual to draw their own conclusions."

(3) The Miriam Goderich involvement, cited above, is of interest. Why should Goderich have put "born in Kenya" in Obama's HLR biography if "neither Obama, nor anyone associated with him, made any mention of (his) being born in Kenya"? How could this Kenyan birthplace datum have arisen from a "fact-checking error"? And, importantly, which fact was Miriam Goderich actually checking when she wrote "born in Kenya"?


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